Story of Oyuna
Oyuna was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and trained as a textile designer in Hungary. Her natural sensitiveness for colour and texture, coupled with a keen interest in the arts and a need to create have been part of her personality from a very young age. As an adolescent Oyuna’s playful and inquisitive approach compelled her to deconstruct and reshape a perfectly beautiful, yet traditional, cashmere jumper which she had been gifted—an episode that represents part of the design language she still employs today to create the OYUNA home and womenswear collections. Cashmere is much more than a luxurious fibre to Oyuna, it is the symbolic thread that keeps her connected to Mongolia, the land and culture she originates from and continues to have strong ties to. Her style soulfully references Mongolia’s vast landscapes and also draws inspiration from the urban landscape of London, her adopted city. These contrasting influences are indicative of what has enabled her to create her own language steering cashmere away from the conservative and opening new possibilities for how it can be used. Before moving to London Oyuna travelled the world and her enduring energy and curiosity keep her constantly on the move. Her creativity is born from an eagerness to learn and to interact with the world around her. Oyuna lives and works in London. At heart she will always be a global nomad.